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Priced between AED 15,500 - AED 24,000
Sarah created Sarah Seven to make the world a more beautiful place. To offer women something that doesn’t feel antiquated, while bringing to life a service that only existed in the past. Combining old world charm with the modern world of design, this Brand was born. 
"For me every day is an experience. I desire to see, smell, touch and create beautiful things. It is for those reasons you will always find me overly perfumed, striving for perfection. I believe that when minimalistic designs collide with a maximalist frame of mind you feel like you can touch the stars, that pistachio is the best colour and the next best thing is leopard print, that the brave choice is always the right choice, that we hold the ability to make magic and that all women deserve to feel classy, confident and comfortable in their skin."

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